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About Us

Blackwoods of Blackpool is the oldest company in Blackpool still making Blackpool Rock in the same family ownership. Set up by my grandfather in 1944, R D Blackwood Ltd is experienced in the manufacture of Sugar Confectionery and very proud of its product. Lettered Rock is a local craft industry and is still hand made, no machine exists today which can put the letters through a stick of Rock.

Blackwoods also makes lollipops, sugar dummies and other rock novelties, also toffee, fudge and hand-dipped chocolates, selling wholesale from the factory and retail from the shop in the centre of town. The shop is located just down the road from the famous Opera House and Winter Gardens and not far from the even more famous Blackpool Tower.

Rock is sold all over the country and to all parts of the world and most of it is made in Blackpool. When Blackwoods was 50 years old, enjoying its Golden Anniversary, the Queen visited Blackpool and Blackwoods presented her with a large stick of Blackpool Rock.

There is a very interesting story to be told about this seaside novelty. How did it come to be made in the first place? Who made the first stick of Blackpool Rock? How do the letters get into a stick of rock and stretch from end to end? Easy when you know how! It is a unique product that has enjoyed incredible popularity over the years. It is a compulsive purchase, visitors to Blackpool are still heard to say, ‘I must take some rock home’!